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March 21, 2020
Sincerely yours

To all the Al Mawakeb & ISAS families, parents, children and staff

We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory these past few weeks, and we navigated the unknown with confidence despite the challenges because we know we are in a country whose leaders, regardless of circumstances, will come through, will support and will go out of their way to make us all feel cared for.

We have been able to cope because of that but what we are mostly grateful for and what makes us stronger is the knowledge that we have an amazing family of students, parents and staff. We have watched incredible efforts in the last few weeks and spent endless hours of discussions and brainstorming, and at the center of all of these sessions were our students. Whenever things got hard, we remember some stories we had with them and automatically, smiles appear on everyone’s faces.
We miss them, we miss their smiles, we miss their hugs and we miss their pranks!

What this time has stressed for us is how much love we have for our kids and how deeply they impact and enrich our lives.

We are committed to their education for sure but we are also dedicated to their wellbeing. To that end we have decided to shut down the schools completely and no one will have access to our campuses for at least two weeks. This decision comes in light of the situation the whole planet is trying to cope with, and we have placed health and safety first. During this self-imposed lockdown, we will action appropriate sterilization and disinfection protocols to make sure that when our kids and staff eventually return, they are safe.

As you all know, our Distant Learning platform will launch on Sunday March 22, 2020. We have placed all our resources at the disposal of our staff to make sure this experience is comfortable for our children. While we are confident that we will persevere, we remain realistic about the challenges and understand the potential obstacles we may face. We are all in this together and we are counting on all of you to remain steadfast, patient, calm and caring. We will tackle whatever issues we face that are within our control with one target, the wellbeing of our kids.

Our father and mother (Mr. and Mrs. Nasr), they always lead with integrity, love, kindness and compassion without compromising logic, fairness and high expectations. We have committed to do the same from the get-go, and this situation we are all facing together makes their vision that much more pertinent. We have choices to make in these trying times, we hope that you all put kindness and others’ wellbeing as well as your own at the center of these choices.

We are Al Mawakeb, we are a family and we will always be the schools whose ethos of love and care drives everything we do. We will weather this storm together as a family and we will come out the better for it.

We wish you all health. Please be safe, take care of your loved ones, take care of each other and we pray that we will be reunited with all of you soon.

On behalf of Mr. Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda, Mr. Hamad Bin Sougat, Maj. Gen. Sharafuddin Al-Sayed M.H. Sharaf, and Mr. Nabil Nasr,

We remain,

Sincerely yours,

Adonis Nasr and Alissar Nasr