DL Most Asked Questions

اضغط هنا للنسخة العربية

Our Dear Parents…


It is that time of the year and Eid El Fitr is upon us. We wish you all health and safety as we navigate these uncertain times together. We hope that the future will bring prosperity and peace of mind for everyone.


Over the last 8 weeks, we have been part of an exceptional drive that showed the world what the UAE can do and how a small nation can set examples of unison, tenacity and performance. Driven by a leadership that inspired us all with "لا تشلّون هـم"


We embrace the message, we subscribe to the vision and with full commitment, we have worked diligently to secure a distance learning (DL) experience that is sustainable, advanced, and multi purposed.


We reached out to our parents, we heard from them about their challenges as we embark on this journey, and we delivered more than 400 notebook computers or iPads to those who needed them. We then created a support system for those who did not have internet access or had multiple failures in their networks and in their access to our systems.


We experienced the frustrations of IT environments which are subject to many external controls on cloud servers, and proxies and Wi-Fi and other factor. We identified our setbacks, fixed our missteps then learned fast to adapt; you were with us every step of the process and you adapted as well. We were stunned by our students’ attendance records, and overwhelmed by their eagerness to support all those who needed it. They never cease to amaze us with their kindness, loyalty and family values.


We recognize the opportunities in DL, but we know that it cannot replace our school environments. The only consolation we have is knowing that we will once again hear the echoes in our corridors and playgrounds and listen to the stories of our students.


8 weeks into this experience, we are confidently comfortable about our chosen course of action and extremely satisfied with the results that our systems are yielding for Distance Learning. Our community of learners has flourished and adapted faster than we anticipated thanks to the commendable collaboration between our teams in IT, our teachers and our students, fueled by the support and trust of our parents. We are 100% confident that our Learn Online platform has paved the way for dependability in securing the continuous provision of content and learning. Notwithstanding, we will continue to assess and develop its potential in order to maximize positive impact.


In the Distance Learning – Most Asked Questions (MAQ), you will read a lot of questions and answers. These have been compiled from your emails and your communication with us. We have stayed true to our mission and addressed all your questions transparently. In this summary we will highlight the most important aspect on everyone’s mind and shall share our position on it equally transparently.


However, the following questions were foremost on everyone’s mind. So we want to address them first because we are humbled that you share our concerns.

Will the school be sustainable and operating into the coming year(s)?
Will the school be in a position to provide financial support to the parents that most need it in this time of serious financial adversity?


Despite the enormous outstanding debt from unsettled parent balances due to the school in this year, our Board of Directors has secured the funds required to maintain our operational commitments to our staff and our suppliers for the ongoing academic year ending August 2020.


We all understand the uncertainty about the sustainability of the job market or the inability to project the operational and financial expectations for businesses;we also are navigating in the blind, unable to project our expectations for the coming year in terms of numbers of student and corresponding operating costs with any kind of accuracy. It is the risk that we will be taking to sustain our operations and commitment because we know that we can trust our parents to return to us.


Our Board is in the process of building the financial circumstances for us to operate under these extremely unclear conditions of revenue and expenditures.


Our management is considering the creation of a “Relief Fund” for our parents for the coming year 2020 2021. This would be managed by the schools and would perhaps provide a customized mean of support for parents who would need it.


We are all in this together…and we can persevere…


Our Al Mawakeb family has an undisputed rich history of integrity and honor, and our parents have always reciprocated. We are proud of the relationships we forged with you over the years. In these unprecedented times, these qualities remain our drivers, all of us. This exercise is entirely built on them, and we hope for and count on your understanding to allow a fairness in applying equity over equality.


Every one of us has an important role to play in this difficult time, and in each of us there is a responsibility we owe to our community as well as our family. We are counting on this realization to guide both our and your judgment and steer us all on the right path.


Today, we stand together, our students, our teachers, our staff, and our parents…. every one of us is Al Mawakeb…we all understand our role and we will do our part….


Today, we all are Al Mawakeb….and we will persevere….