Messages from the Principal 2014-2015

The wonders of language lie in man’s ability to use sounds and symbols to express feelings. Within human’s complexity there are so many emotions that we can experience with various intensities.
For us to express these feelings we would require endless number of words and word combinations.
In our case at ISAS there is one word in the dictionary that may express our collective feelings and that would be the word “HOPE”, and this is how it is defined and how we redefined it:
From September 2014 till June 2015 we had the:

  • Aspiration that all our graduates succeed at their university studies
  • Desire that our students rise to meet and exceed the set goals in the curriculum standards
  • Chance for our parents to join and share the journey of children’s development during trips, fairs and activities
  • Expectation to align with the national agenda of the UAE to become among top 15 countries in attainment
  • Aim to have ISAS teachers perform the best in their ability to provide quality education.
  • Anticipation of pride in the aspiring artists, musicians and athletes who have proved capabilities at different venues tests and occasions
  • Dream of many generations to come to live the legacy of their graduate parents

We share our hopes with you with an underlying commitment that they became targets we aimed for and pursued throughout the year. We will continue to seek what is best for our children and our school with a comforting confidence that all of our community, staff, parents and students are doing their share to take ISAS to greater heights.

Muhieddine Soubra




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